Truckers Could Have Been Tapped for I-20 and I-285

In addition to the rising price of diesel raising the cost goods in our stores we can add tolls. One of our old bankster adversaries, Goldman Sachs has submitted a proposal toward bleeding out the the truckers coming to Georgia. Part of the consortium are Maguire Woods and PBSJ. I must confess to not knowing these two latest actors on the scene, but when it comes to parasitizing our infrastructure there always new fungi blooms coming out of the rot of our state government. I will have to had these two new mycelia to my taxonomy. This story is from 2006, but it shows how the banking system is intimately involved in cashing out our infrastructure. Here is an extract from the Tollroad News website:

A Goldman Sachs/McGuireWoods/PBSJ team filed a proposal this morning with Georgia DOT to develop truck only toll lanes (TOTLs) for a northwestern segment of I-285, the perimeter highway, and west on I-20, in the Atlanta area – for a total of 24km (15mi). They would complement TOTLs being negotiated by Bechtel for I-75 from the perimeter highway northwest – another 24km (15mi) project.

The I-285 segment would be 2×2 TOTLs, and the I-20 segment 2×1 TOTLs for a total of 45 lane-miles (72 lane-km). They propose opening their 15mi simultaneously with the Bechtel 15mi. Only an Executive-Summary of the GS/McGW/PBSJ proposal is available. Key passages include: “Our team proposes a public-private partnership with
Georgia DOT that essentially privatizes the delivery of constructed TOT lanes in the northwest quadrant of I-285 with minimal assistance from the Department. We propose to provide all services to fully plan, permit, finance, design and implement the project. We will act as an agent and work through Georgia DOT to coordinate with other state and federal agencies.”


A further reading of the article will show that a decision on the idea was supposed to have been made in 2009. I have heard nothing to show that the idea was ever taken up.

About nototollingga

I'm an activist trying to warn Georgians about the tolling of Georgia highways that Georgia citizens had already paid for.
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2 Responses to Truckers Could Have Been Tapped for I-20 and I-285

  1. Vicki Gavalas says:

    This proposal was made in 2006 and has since been withdrawn. The article in Tolling News that you have referenced is dated July 31, 2006.

  2. Thank you for your response. I assume you work for the Georgia Department of Transportation. With a notation, I will leave the article posted just to show the interests involved in the tolling movement.

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