The End Game

Yes, I know my tone toward the state DOT is very hard and sharp, but I have seen and heard experiences of people in Indiana, Texas, and Illinois. This isn’t about the state of Georgia only collecting tolls off of drivers to fund road building programs. The end game is to sell off public assets to private interests. I know I will be accused of being acerbic and mean spirited, but I want you the public to keep state and regional highway and road authorities in check. And they are authorities. The members of the boards of these government entities cannot be voted out of office. Barring an enraged and hostile public they will be able to push through fire sale transfers of public assets to the private sector. Please read Jay Bookman’s commentary on the SRTA. He had stated, “In other words, SRTA is basically unaccountable to the people, and is designed to be. It may control public assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars, assets that generate many millions more in annual public revenue, but SRTA could — and did — take its vote without real regard to public input.”

In the South one is supposed to be gentile and polite, but when your toes get step on you have to yell out. I know the South has had its history with slavery, but we Southerners also have a history of fighting for freedom. If it had not been for the South in the American War for Independence, we would not be free from Great Britain today. The north all through the American Revolution was for the most part occupied by British troops. All those battles by General Washington in New Jersey and so forth were mainly holding actions and guarded retreats. The British were never able to occupy the South. It was Southern men, who ambushed and sniped at British troops. The final battle was at Yorktown, Virginia. With the alliance of Rochambeau and Washington, a feigned military movement fooled the British into thinking that American forces would seize New York City. It was the French Navy that kept British supply ships from entering Chesapeake Bay, thus starving the British fortress at Yorktown, but it was dedicated Southerners who kept hounding and harassing the British forces in all those years of war.

It is that same fighting spirit of the South that I ask to legally and civilly wage battle against foreign and transnational interests that would seize ownership of Georgia roads through an unaccountable government authority, the SRTA.


About nototollingga

I'm an activist trying to warn Georgians about the tolling of Georgia highways that Georgia citizens had already paid for.
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